Hybrid Cars Information

2022 Mustang

Consumer Reports Give Low Rating To 2022 Ford Mustang

Consumer Reports has lowered the Mustang’s rating due to its recent survey results, and its total score is now lower than its main American rivals.

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Recycled Hybrid Car Batteries

A New Lease on Life for Old Hybrid Car Batteries

You may one day take a bit of your old hybrid car battery back home to put in your new TV remote.

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Hybrid Car on the Road

How is the Future Looking for Hybrid Cars?

Factors such as better employment, better auto financing options and cheap gas seem to be influencing an increase in purchase of trucks and SUVs, and a decrease in the sale of hybrids.

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Hybrid Cars Vs. Motorcycles

Hybrids Versus Motorbikes to Save Gas

Both hybrids and motorbikes allow you to get MPGs of 50 or higher. So which should you get if you want to save gas?

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Shopping for a hybrid car

Choosing the Hybrid Vehicle that is Right for You

Here are some things to consider when choosing the perfect hybrid vehicle.

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