A New Lease on Life for Old Hybrid Car Batteries

Recycled Hybrid Car Batteries

Energizer is taking its tagline a little further and that’s by giving a new lease on life to old hybrid car batteries that would otherwise end up as scrap. Sadly, we don’t know from which car manufacturer Energizer is taking the old hybrid cars batteries to make its new partially recycled AAA or AA batteries. They are being tight lipped about it.

Autoblog quoted Nadia Kowalczyk (Energizer’s senior marketing director for marketing and portal lights) as saying:

“The recycled content can come from multiple makers of hybrid electric vehicle batteries which provides a steady stream of recycled battery materials.” To us, that seems to imply Toyota, the global leader in hybrid sales, since if you want a “steady stream” of old packs, aging Priuses would be the place to turn to.”

AAA and AA batteries use NiMH chemistry, which is the same as what is seen in hybrid car batteries. Recycling old hybrid car batteries will certainly do well for the environment. With this, Energizer’s upcoming AAA and AA batteries are all going to be greener and have some recycled materials.

Again, Energizer isn’t telling much on how much of the old hybrid car batteries will be reused. The only thing they are telling is that they will be re-using what they call a ‘high performance active ingredient’ through a patented process.

Well the good news is, when you think your old hybrid car battery is done, it definitely not done. Somewhere, somehow it may find a place in Energizer’s factories and you may one day take a bit of your old car battery back home to put in your new TV remote.

Energizer’s move to go green is definitely great news.

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